Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool Patio Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining the look of your swimming pool, a Pool Deck Cleaning service is an excellent choice. Most pools are made of concrete or paver stones, which require regular cleaning to keep them looking great. This can be a time-consuming hassle. Our Pool Deck Cleaning service will help remove dirt and debris, bringing back its anti-slip qualities and natural beauty. With our cleaning method, your swimming pool will look new for years to come. Let us do the heavy work for you so you can sit back and relax at a clean pool again.

Pool Concrete Safety.

Many types of concrete and other surfaces around a pool need to be cleaned regularly. The chemicals in the pool can corrode concrete faster than normal and cause slipping hazards for children and yourself. Having these surfaces cleaned will help prevent the buildup of these harmful residues and ensure that your pool stays clean and safe. Summit Wash Pros Pool Deck Cleaning service will eliminate these damaging residues, and protect the surface. 

Your swimming pool will look brand-new in no time. If you want a clean pool for your guests and family, contact Summit Wash Pros today! Quotes are free.


Pools need cleaning when they feel slick, have growth on them, or are simply dirty! It is important to have your pool cleaned yearly to avoid premature cracking, staining, and a possible slip and fall.

Short answer is no. During cleaning, some rinse water may get pushed into the pool as we clean the pool edge. But no worries, the amount is minimal and your pool filtration system will take care of the tiny amounts of dirt easily. We always rinse away from the pool to keep dirty water out but if your concrete slopes down into the pool it could be unavoidable. We always recommend to check the Ph level of the pool after cleaning but prior to use.

Yes! Depending on the staining, we will use whatever eco-friendly solutions needed to get the job done. For most cleanings that involve your everyday organic growth and general dirt, we use a chemical called sodium hypochlorite, a chemical found naturally in chlorine pools, its what gives your pool that "Pool Smell" and gives your pool a long lasting clean.