HOA Cleaning

HOA Cleaning

HOA Cleaning Service

HOA violation letters can be an annoying part of living in a planned community, for all the important benefits an HOA brings. You know you’ve been putting that house cleaning session for too long when you start getting HOA warning letters in your mailbox. When it comes to these matters, it’s best to be proactive and clean your house exterior before you get fined for keeping an unsightly home.

One of the main benefits of using a homeowners association cleaning service is that it significantly enhances the value of the homes and the surrounding property. On the other hand, a common’s area that isn’t clean can negatively impact the value of each house and make it much more difficult to attract new tenants. Summit Wash Pros will regularly clean your common areas to ensure that it remains clean and orderly at all times.

More Homes = More Savings

As a member or president of an HOA or condo complex, you want to ensure that your homeowners are living in a clean, healthy environment. Managing and maintaining a large property can be a difficulty—that’s why so many HOA’s use Summit Wash Pros for their building washing, concrete cleaning, and roof cleaning services. The more homes/units you have washed by us, the bigger the discount per home/unit. In addition to bringing a whole new level of clean to your HOA and condo complex building exteriors, Summit Wash Pros also cleans roofs. Our soft washing service and cleaning solution is safe for asphalt shingles, and removes harmful algae, increasing the lifetime of your shingles. A clean roof also improves curb appeal, and will ensure your property always looks it’s cleanest and best!


If any aspect of your community shoes signs of algae, dirt buildup, or messes, you need a HOA Cleaning. Common areas that become dirty quickly are curb gutters, homes, roofs, entrances, monuments, and more.

Summit Wash Pros understands an HOA is a huge financial responsibility from regular upkeep to community areas to trash service. 

At Summit Wash Pros. The more homes and areas you have cleaned, the more you save per unit. Having your community clean not only boosts the curb appeal of the neighborhood, but ensures your community stands out from others.

When it comes to water use, we have a few options. One option is to utilize the water on each property via spigot (Water costs per unit is less than $10. Another option is to utilize a hydrant meter and draw water directly from a fire-hydrant setup by your city. For remote locations, we can utilize a water truck.