Gum Removal

Gum Removal

Gum Removal Service

As you know, Gum Removal is an excellent way to clean your sidewalks and exterior surfaces. In addition,  the unsightly chewed-up gum can harbor bacteria and contaminates, leaving an unattractive black stain. For you and customers, this can be especially annoying for your business, as people on your property might leave their gum behind while walking by your property. Then, customers see a dirty entryway or gas pump area. Lastly, this service will make your storefront look as inviting as possible.

Free your Business from Gum

Chewing gum is a sticky situation. First, once it starts to accumulate on concrete, it turns into a black smudge. Second, the smudge gets tracked all over by pedestrians and clients. As a result, If left alone, the chewed gum will become embedded into porous surfaces. Our service can restore your surfaces as quickly as possible and prevent any permanent damage. Most importantly, we have the right equipment and expertise for Gum Removal to ensure that your business looks great again! Contact Summit Wash Pros for your free quote today!


Gum can seem permanent due to how tough it is to remove, but at Summit Wash Pros, Gum Removal is made easy and can be removed with our top of the line equipment.

Summit Wash Pros uses 250 degree steam paired with high pressure delivered in an oscillating fashion to melt and peel the gum from the surface while leaving the surface underneath clean.

We can do what you need. But, Spot cleaning gum without cleaning the rest of the concrete will, well leave clean spots! this can be unappealing and we recommend to have our concrete cleaning service paired with gum removal for an even clean.