Fence Cleaning

Fence Cleaning

Wood Fence Cleaning

Our Fence Cleaning service is a must to keep it looking its best. A clean and sanitized Fence is essential for the outdoor living space. Summit Wash Pros will ensure that the surface of your Fence is clean and ready for new paint or stain. You can clean your fence yourself using soap and water, but you should remember that the end results will often be less than desirable. We utilize wood friendly heavy duty cleaning agents and low pressure rinsing to not only clean the wood but brighten it back to its natural and inviting wood tone. Fence Cleaning by Summit Wash Pros will restore a worn or damaged surface to its original appearance. The use of power washing, detergents, and the right cleaning methods can make your Fence look like new again. By having our service done, you will extend the life of your fence and avoid the appearance of unsightly spots without the risk of causing marks or damage.

Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Our Vinyl Fence Cleaning Service is guaranteed to remove the heaviest Lichen, Moss. or Algae growth imaginable. Using our co-Friendly, Growth battling agents, no fence stands a chance. After cleaning, you can expect your Vinyl Fence to shine bright and stay clean for a long time. We utilizer our soft washing technique to safely remove all organic stains. If you have Rust, Tire Marks, or Paint stains on your fence, we can take care of this.


Your Fence is important. Structurally, it protects your property from people and critters. To prevent wood rot, organic growth, and ugly look, and a bad paint job, We recommend having cleaning done prior to paint or stain, and when the wood starts to grey and shows signs of algae or lichen growth.

Summit Wash Pros has a variety of solutions and cleaning techniques to bring the life back to your fence. We can use everything from only water to soaps and detergents. Summit Wash Pros will decide which solution is best for your fence specifically.

Summit Wash Pros is an exterior cleaning service. Therefore, we don't offer staining. We do however work closely with local Pros who we use to accommodate this request for you. We HIGHLY recommend having Summit Wash Pros wash and prep the surface prior to painting or staining.  Due to the unreliable results of stripping, Summit Wash Pros does not offer this service either unless the paint/stain is in poor condition and we believe we could accomplish this service with 100% satisfaction.