Drive-Through Cleaning

Drive-Through Cleaning

Drive-Through Cleaning

A dirty Drive-Through doesn’t impress customers. Unfortunately, many owners and managers do not look at their Drive-Through from the customer’s perspective. They may not even realize that the area around the drive-through is less than perfect. This is a huge mistake. The cleanliness of your Drive-Through can directly impact a customer’s opinion of your business. In this industry, cleanliness equals quality. Your Restaurants curb appeal is vital to the success of your business. With food industries getting less than quality sanitary ratings, you want to stand out and achieve an A+. At Summit Wash Pros, our Drive-Through Cleaning service is guaranteed to keep your concrete inviting for years to come. Pair this with our sidewalk cleaning and you will have the shiniest and most inviting restaurant on the block.

Clean Concrete That Will Last

Over time, drive throughs get the worst of it. Common buildups in Drive-Through’s are Oil Stains, Tire Marks, Hydraulic Fluid stains, and Power Steering Fluid. But, don’t forget gum, exploding ketchup packets, drink spills, and more. Our Drive-Through Cleaning Service is guaranteed to boost your curb appeal and keep customers happy. When the parking lot is clean, customers will be more likely to return. We can get rid of tough stains, foul odors, and remove hazardous substances from the space. These stains need to be cleaned out of the concrete to make it last. Our Drive-Through Cleaning service is necessary for your restaurant to ensure your Drive-Through does not prematurely fail. Signs of this are cracking, pitting, erosion, and more. Let Summit Wash Pros take care of your Drive-Through Cleaning.


Your Drive-Through's concrete is important to your business. Its what allows customers to get quick service and a quick sale for you. We recommend you have it cleaned once its dirty but most of summit wash pros customers have theirs done monthly. We offer Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual cleanings.

When concrete is freshly poured, contractors spray a curing agent on top to assist in curing. Once dry, this is what colors the concrete a bright white. Over time, this curing agent is suppose to fade to reveal the true color of the concrete, a shade of grey.

After cleaning, your concrete's curing agent may be present and be more noticeable after cleaning, if you have older concrete, you should expect a natural bright grey color.

Summit Wash Pros uses the most Heavy Duty, Grease and tire mark fighting cleaners out on the market. Pair this with our 250 degree steam cleaning system and oil stains stand no match. 

We can guarantee up to 90% removal of oil stains. We recommend having monthly cleanings to keep the concrete clean and inviting for customers. No one wants to eat at a dirty restaurant.