Commercial Soft Washing

Soft Washing

Commercial Building Cleaning

Your building’s first line of defense is the exterior. It takes a beating and needs to be maintained to prevent damage. This is the first image of your business that customers see when they visit, and first impressions are important. Our Commercial Cleaning Service  and Commercial Building Cleaning is perfect to boost the curb appeal and show customers you care. Our gentle signature wash is perfect if your building’s siding suffers from organic growths and other items. Commercial Building Cleaning is essential prior to hanging new signs and painting. Make sure the areas is prepped right with our Commercial Building Cleaning Service.

Exterior Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Building Cleaning is important. We provide high-quality cleaning solutions for a plethora of businesses, including offices, churches, warehouses, banks, schools, and more. If you need your place of business to sparkle we are your go to for Commercial Building Cleaning. The materials of your building need to stay clean to reduce maintenance costs, improve customer experience, and be a sparking place to be proud of. 


Its simple! Visit our contact form and fill out your information. We will then contact you and talk about your service. We quote based on the size and type of material on your business so each quote is unique to you.  Then we will schedule your cleaning! Please see Terms and Conditions to see more.

Yes we do! We hold a 2 Million Dollar insurance policy that keeps your business protected from accidents. A copy will be submitted upon request or with a commercial quote!

Summit Wash Pros can service your business any time you are ready. Day or night, we can find the best way to work together to accomplish your clean.